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Alan Michael Homent

Homent and Homent

Alan is the Composer, Arranger, Audio Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Mastering Engineer of the Team.

Every Instrument in the Songs is played in or programmed by him, including a 120 Person Orchestra with Choir, if needed.

He is an experienced Musician having played Drums, Guitar and Bass on stage for many decades. 

Our Songs are to the established "Radio-Ready" Music Industry Standard. ( But NOT for Sale )

Homent and Homent

On a Live Performance, he plays Guitar and/or Bass and is responsible for the Audio Engineering.

He is also the Film Director, DP, Gaffer and Grip for our Live Performance Video Streams and Post Production Editor for our Youtube Videos.

We stream during the year from different locations and countries.

Homent and Homent

Alan has taken courses in Audio Engineering, Music Production, Music Theory, Orchestral Composition and Arranging, Orchestral Mixing and Mastering, Cinematic Composition, Trailer Composition and Sound Design.

All courses were given by Leading Industry Professionals.

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