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Homent and Homent International Songwriting Team

On a VIP Live Performance occasion YOU are in charge of picking out the Songs. We can advise you, of course, but YOU are in charge.

Just go to our Homent and Homent Youtube Channel (English) and/or Homent und Homent Youtube Channel (German), review the Songs found there and pick 24 Songs out of the total of 150+ songs to be found on both channels.

Each Song has a 3-digit Number. Please make a note of the 24 Song numbers you wish to hear and contact us. Contact details are on our Site Notice webpage.

Why do our songs have numbers instead of names?

All of our Songs are in a Database that we can sort according to occasions such as a weddings, etc.

Our Database only works on numbers.

Over the years our Fans got to know the numbers of thier favourites and would shout them out for us to play.

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